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Hiesenberry Crunch
Our Price: $25.00
Cereal Science
Our Price: $25.00
The Alchemist
Our Price: $25.00
Cloud Chemist Heisenberry Crunch

In this experiment in the Cloud Chemist laboratory we took your favorite scary blueberry cereal you loved as a kid and made it into a juice you'll be to scared to put down. A blueberry cereal inhale with a sweet creamy exhale.

Cloud Chemist Cereal Science

Frosted corn berry cereal with milk

Cloud Chemist The Alchemist

In this experiment we took your favorite cinnamon toast cereal and put it into a bottle. A sweet sugar frosted cinnamon cereal inhale with a creamy exhale.

The Final Experiment
Our Price: $25.00
Drupe Scoop
Our Price: $25.00
Lucky Science
Our Price: $25.00
Cloud Chemist The Final Experiment

The final experiment in the Cloud Chemist's laboratory has a nostalgic sweet frosted corn cereal inhale, with a maple brown sugar drizzle and a creamy finish.

Cloud Chemist Drupe Scoop

You don't have to chase the ice cream man anymore for your favorite almond bar. Melty vanilla ice cream inhale with an exhale of crumbly almond crunches; for a savory summertime flavor all year round.

Cloud Chemist Lucky Science

in this experiment in The Cloud Chemist's lab we captured that little Leprechaun who has been running around and we got his charms! Lucky Science is lucky cereal with marshmallows and milk.