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Wire for RDA/RBA Builds
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Cotton Bacon V2
Our Price: $5.00
RDA Stand
Our Price: $7.00
Youde RBA Tool Kit
Our Price: $7.00
Cotton Bacon V2 Stand for any of your Atty's carts anything with a 510 thread This RBA tool kit created by Youde (UD) Technology
G-plat Wire
Our Price: $8.00
Ceramic Tip Tweezers
Our Price: $10.00
Youde Coil Jig
Our Price: $10.00
G-plat Wire by Vapinology Ceramic Tipped Tweezers Youde Premium Coil Jig
G-plat Haywire
Our Price: $26.50
Twisted Messes Wire
Our Price: $35.00
G-plat Wire by Vapinology Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 500 FT spools 38 - 44 Gauge Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 1000 FT spools 46 Gauge